Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freeport, Bahamas for a little r&r

The night before I left for Los Angeles I stayed with my friend Stacy near the airport in Connecticut and we got to talking about going to see her friend in the Bahamas. I didn't take it too seriously since I was leaving for the west coast the next day, but looked online for airline pricing anyway. Much to my surprise, it was quite affordable to fly from NYC to Freeport. Hmmm, this just might be an option! The next day I flew out to California and didn't think much about the Bahamas idea until I got a call from my friend in Connecticut, she was serious about booking the trip to the island, so how could I say no!:) There's nothing like booking your next vacation while you're ON vacation!

So at the end of March, it was off to the island we went to see Leo. This was going to be interesting . . . driving on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, and no open container law . . . sweet! Luckily, our rental car was what we were used to driving . . . driver's side on the left! We spent the next 7 days on the beaches - Gold Rock Beach - Banana Bay - Coral Beach, exploring the island, meeting some fun locals, snorkeling at Paradise Cove, and partying at Port Lucaya. Even got to go horseback riding with Leo on the beach (her "job"). Loved, loved, loved riding on the beach. She's so blessed that that's her job and she gets to do something she loves every day in a beautiful place! www.trikkpony.com for anyone who's looking to go riding while in Freeport!

First night out in Port Lucaya

Coral Beach

Gold Rock Beach

Leo at the "office"

back at the stables

Fun times!!!

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